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  • African dancing!

    This week we had a very special visit from Tunde – he came to teach us some amazing African dance!

    Tunde is from Nigeria – this is a country in Africa, and he also told us some very interesting facts about Nigeria!

    We learnt that there is more than one royal family! Each prince wears necklace and there are different colours for different families. The necklaces are bigger for adults and smaller for children. Each princess wears ‘magical beads’ on their head. They are called ‘magical beads’ because it works like magic – it gets put in hot water to boil and beads shrink smaller to fit on a baby’s head. Then to make it get bigger, the magical beads are put on a mannequins head in the sun – this magically makes it get bigger!

    Some of us got to try on the prince’s necklace and the princesses ‘magical beads’. We learnt a fantastic dance routine with some brilliant dance moves!

  • 10th March – learning at home

    Hi all,

    It’s a snow day, yay!

    We want you all to have a fab time with all the snow we’ve got today, here are some challenges you might want to think about in between your snowman building and sneaky snowball fights!

    1. Can you write your name in the snow? If you have some nice thick gloves you could use your finger, or maybe you could find something else to use. A stick? A brush? Let your imagination take over!

    2. Can you leave a trail of footprints in the snow? See if you can count how many steps you leave. Maybe you could use some of our positional language to give some instructions on where your footsteps lead. Perhaps there’s some buried treasure under the tree, or next to the fence that you can help your grown up find.

    3. Can you build a snowman? If you don’t want to be out in the cold, maybe you could draw a picture of a snowman, or of something in your house that you think is really special. Could you write a sentence or caption about what you have made/drawn?

    We would love to see some photos of your fantastic snow days here on Tapestry. See you on Monday! 🙂 

    – Mrs Withers and Miss Thwaites

  • World Book Day 📚

    We have loved celebrating World Book Day this week! We talked about the characters we dressed up as, as well as our favourite stories. We shared some stories together as a class and even watched the animated story ‘Zog’ too 😁

    Can you guess who we all dressed up as?

    To continue our World Book Day celebrations, we listened to an immersive story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We all put on our headphones and listened to the story, acting out the different characters in the story and even pretending to be the magic bean growing into a tall beanstalk.

  • Alexandra House!

    This term we have been visiting one of our local care homes. Each week a group of children get to go and sing songs, play games and read stories with some of the residents.

    This week, the children made some flowers in class to go with our current topic of ‘growing’.

    We gifted these flowers to the residents that we met this week, before reading Jack and the Beanstalk.

    During the story the children went round with different props to involve the residents, we had a harp, hen and magic beans! We also sung some songs, and the residents enjoyed joining in with some of these too.

    The children have loved these visits and they have been superstars walking to and from the care home.

    We can’t wait to go again next week!

  • Growing!

    This half term we are really excited to start our new topic ‘Growing’! We will be doing lots of planting and observing changes 😁

    We have come back to school ready to learn and have already been getting stuck into our morning jobs. We have been reading words with 4 sounds and writing captions!

    In maths we have been exploring number bonds to 10 using ten frames and counters. We are brilliant at finding all the different numbers that add together to make 10!

  • Evil Pea is on the loose!!

    Welcome back and a very Happy New Year! Our topic has started with a bang this half term!

    On our first day back, we found our classroom in a huge mess after lunch! There were toys over the floor, chairs upside down, baskets tipped over… and some poor vegetables had been trapped!

    Mrs Baxter sent us an email while we were playing at lunchtime which told us that she thought she had seen who had crept in – it was someone tiny, round, green and wearing a black mask… Evil Pea!! We decided to make some traps in case he came back to cause more trouble!

    We also made some ‘Wanted’ posters to let everyone know to keep a look out for Evil Pea – we used some great describing words! Some of us collected our class poster from the printer – then we let Year 6 know about it, and found some great places to put our posters!

    What a great start to our topic! We are really looking forward to learning more about Supertato next week 😁

    In Phonics this week I have been so impressed with the children’s segmenting and blending skills. We are fantastic at saying three sounds that make up a word! Some of the children were even challenged to write a caption this week – amazing work!

  • Commando Joe’s

    Yesterday in Commando Joe’s we worked together to build the highest tower. We showed Taylor the Team Work star and used positive communication!

  • Reception fun

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  • Outdoor fun!

    This week we have enjoyed the Autumn sunshine. We have been making lots of cakes in the mud kitchen and practising our bowling skills as we roll the balls into the cones.

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